Wood Goddess

” Sculpting is something fairly new to me.. I began it in earnest 8 years ago and have not stopped since.”

Carol Clitheroe has discovered raku clay and is experimenting continually with new themes and building techniques. She loves the  3D aspect and the new challenges that it creates.  Building the sculptures  using the coil method is very satisfying as she  can let the piece morph into something as she builds, as if the clay knows what it wants to become.

For Carol it is very exciting to try a new medium other than paint. Another opening into sculpture is Castaways,  a sculptural exhibition held on the beach at Rockingham each year. Each art work must have  recycled materials as a  component of the piece. Carol loves this challenge as it forces her to move away from the well known  mediums and to explore other materials for sculpture. It becomes an obsession to think of a sculpture,what to make it out of and where to source the materials. Over the years, Carol has been seen in local cafes, collecting milk bottles for the plastic, smash repair companies sourcing red car brake lights for a mosaic and recycling stations!

Helping other people find the joy of working with clay is another passion.


Exhib Tall Poppy 2012 200

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