Community Art


Exhib Tall Poppy 2012 202      Exhib Tall Poppy 2012 200

Castaways Sculptural Awards 2014                                                                    Castaways Sculptural Awards 2013

‘Now that I have wings I can…’                                                                             ‘Take time to have a heart to heart’

Community art for Carol, is a very special area in the art process. It enables her to interact with people to create art work for a larger audience and allow people to become part of a public art piece. It creates ownership and pride and therefore, the community look after  the work.  It is a very rewarding experience to help people to become involved with an art practice and that is something Carol really enjoys. It is putting the idea out there and allowing the public to  brainstorm and become excited about the  idea. Then they can develop their interactions with the concept and begin to create.

For Carol this means working with schools, community groups, people with disabilities and running workshops. She has been involved with many events over the years and often that is a high light for her year. She has facilitated workshops for recycled sculpture with community groups and schools, for 6 years for the Castaways Sculptural Exhibition and Art Blast in Fremantle.

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